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Daily Reminder: Listen More, Talk Less

This is a reminder to listen more and talk less.  Don’t be one of the masses that talks without knowledge, experience, or data.  Everyone appears to be a subject matter expert on everything these days.  Unless you have empirical data and/or first-hand knowledge of a specific subject… let someone else respond.

We are in an age when people are whipped into a frenzy and the tiniest of perceived issues.  In many cases, people are being rallied into action on false data, invalid points, and misleading information for the pure purpose of making money.  Issue after issue is popping up on subjects ranging from information security, to human rights and politics.  Try to remember that most anyone speaking about any subject publicly, is doing so because they have something to gain.  In many cases, that gain is monetary.

If someone is claiming victimhood or claiming to be advocating for you… ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Is this something I care about without having been riled up?
  2. Is this person also seeking money and support for their “cause?”

Most causes have real victims that get buried in the data, marketing, and propaganda.  Don’t be a tool used to hide the real victims and make money for people who do not actually care about the cause.  From Black Lives Matter, to the #MeToo movement, most of the real victims have been buried by marketing and propaganda.  Don’t forget real people are involved and real people’s voices are being ignored.

The old moniker of “think globally, act locally” still stands true.  If you want to make a difference with abused women, donate time, money, or other resources to a local women’s help organization.  If you want to help support refugees from a foreign nation, offer to sponsor one.  If you want to help reduce carbon emissions, purchase items that are created with minimal processing and minimal damage to the world.  If more people focused on improving things at the local level, it would have a drastic impact on a global level.

If someone is claiming to be a victim of assault and within fifteen minutes of the start of a sexual assault trial, it probably does not mean that person is after helping people… it means they are trying to get people to hand over money while they are at their most outraged or most hurt.  That is not how you improve the world… that is how you collect the most money.

Just remember to stop and think.  Think about what the person saying has experienced, what they are doing, and what they are asking of you… but most importantly… ask WHY.  Raising money for “Breast Cancer Awareness” isn’t helping research and curing of breast cancer.  It means you are donating to someone who is going to take your money and pay for another marketing blitz for ‘awareness.’  People know it exists.  People know the dangers.  People know to be screened.  Awareness isn’t an issue.  Schools all over the country and world teach about it.  Donate to someone doing something real.  Donate to someone furthering research or helping destitute families that have someone trying to survive cancer.  Donate to someone’s family who lost someone to cancer.

Kalypto • October 21, 2018

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