Research, demonstrations, and popcorn

Let’s get some self-respect back

I see a lot of arguments between people who have no clue about the truth behind the topics and points being argued. I miss the old days of the internet being solely for cat videos and pictures of what people ate for dinner. I always thought that was stupid… but it sure beat watching people make fools of themselves and lose the respect of those around them.

Over the last several months I have seen some people I used to seriously respect, devolve into a pile of political bullshit.  People that used to post research, hacking information, data about new technology and science breakthroughs, are now posting nothing but fake news articles and arguing about how much they hate the new president.  In many cases, these people are purposely spreading false information because it furthers their “cause.”  That saddens me as I no longer respect them or trust anything they post or say.

I have decided to no longer post political posts on here because my opinions and views are my own. I will discuss facts, research, and information that interests me. I hope others will do the same. It would be wonderful to login to social media someday and see a bunch of people talking about things that interest them, things they learned, and things they want others to learn.

I wish more people would be researchers. Please take some time to research something of significance. I don’t care if it’s science, politics, or how to make brownies. Pick something and research the crap out of it.  If you like particle physics, research it and share information with us all. If you like historical literature, research it and share it. If you like cats that are gray… research them and share what you find.

Let’s all take some time to recoup some of our self-respect and spend less time posting click-bait, fake news articles, and arguments about things you won’t change other peoples minds on.  Please.


Kalypto • January 30, 2017

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