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My Seven Rules for Life

  1. Do Not Wait. Waiting is what you do when you are passing time to get to something more substantial.  Life IS the substance.  Waiting for something else is simply wasting the time you have on Earth.  This is the time you will remember and the time you will judge your life on.  Spending your entire life waiting will leave you empty and feeling like you have not lived.
  2. Do not be an adult 100% of the time. Growing up is something you do physically.  It needs very little help from you.  If you spend all your time worrying about bills, drama, and life… you never live.  Take some time every once in a while to troll.  Give your brain some time to relax and have fun.
  3. Troll hard.  Troll sparingly to keep yourself young and alive, but when you do troll… TROLL HARD.  Make it count.  Make the person you troll remember you.  Make them question everything they know about you.  But… do not troll all the time.  A person that trolls non-stop is not trolling… they are just an ass that you can’t trust.
  4. Leave the drama on social media… ON social media. Twitter is a soap box for all, a gospel for few, and meaningful for none.  140 characters is not enough of your life to base anything on.  Not opinion, not decisions, and not emotions.  Twitter is where you go to chat, gossip, and communicate in a non-meaningful manner.  It is not life.
  5. Learn something new every day.  The day you quit learning is the day you start to die.  If you spend your life wasting time and not learning then you have no reason to keep living.  Life is one big-ass lesson.  The more you learn the more you get out of life.
  6. Make others learn something new about you every day.  Life is nothing but a series of interactions.  You spend your days meeting people, letting them know you, and then moving on.  The more people you impact, the bigger your world gets.  Let people know you.  Let them know what you stand for.  Let them know what you stand against.
  7. Stick to your morals.  Stick to what you believe, but be willing to learn.  Having respect for others and gaining respect for yourself is based on your morals, actions, and reactions.  If you contradict yourself, lie, and show others that you have no morals… you will never gain respect and you will never have respect for yourself.  Know who you are.  Show everyone else who you are.

Kalypto • November 3, 2014

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