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Proposed Limitations and Changes to the U.S. Government

Congressional Term Limits:

There are no limitations to the length of time a congress person may hold office.  This means that a single person may hold political power for their lifetime.  In the case of a senator, that length is in six year increments.  For a representative, that term is in two year increments.

Congressional members should be allowed to hold office no more than two six-year terms.  This would:

  • Limit the influence a single person or group of people has within congress.
  • Decrease the impact from corruption (payoff for eternally keeping a subject from reaching the floor).
  • Allow for modern representatives and senators to be brought in.  As times change, society changes, and social norms change, so will those in office.

Presidential Limits:

  • Remove the ability to enact executive orders.  This was something that was designed for two reasons… to allow the president to complete actions while congress was in recess and traveling (took weeks or months to travel originally, now it takes a single flight), and allowed the president to make a ruling on bills that congress refused to take action one way or another (stale-mate).

    This has been exploited by many presidents for a variety of reasons.  No single person should have the ability to make a law or regulation that impacts the freedoms and rights of American citizens without that decision being brought before and decided upon by The House of Representatives.

  • Implement an exclusionary period for the political parties after a candidate has held office.  By implementing a 16 year lock-out for a party, you force the creation of at least one more major party.  After holding office, if a party is locked out from having a candidate hold office, a second party will be forced into office.  After that part is done holding office, you still have a minimum of eight years before the first party may hold office again.


    Some will say “Well, that means you only have one choice each election.”  But that is the great part about this… by allowing this lock-out period and in order to make sure you have more than once choice, you are essentially guaranteeing we go from a two-party system, to at least a four-party system.  A fourth party must be created in order for voters to have a choice.  You are essentially creating a level playing field each election cycle and allowing people to have a choice based on how things were handled during the last cycle.

I have more to say about lots of political things, but I generally try to keep this blog to technology.  I would just like more people to start thinking about creative solutions to the insane circle we are going in right now.

You keep spinning long enough and eventually everyone wants to throw up.



Kalypto • January 20, 2016

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