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Protesting Pro Tip

Pro Tip: If you are “protesting” by blocking traffic… you’re not protesting. You’re being an asshole and inconveniencing people. Protesting is done against the group you want to change.
If you are protesting and inconveniencing people unrelated to the grievance you have, you are not protesting… you are trying to get on TV.

You want to protest a judges decision, protest the court house. You want to protest an injustice committed by a police officer, protest the precinct (as long as you are not preventing police officers from doing their jobs).

Remember, when you block traffic, that could be someone who dies from a heart attack because the ambulance had to go a longer route. It could be someone’s house that burns down because firemen were delayed. It could be a baby that doesn’t make it because the mother could not get to a hospital.

Think before you act.


Kalypto • July 12, 2016

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