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Respect, a note to you all…

With the passing of someone we know, it makes us re-evaluate life, think about death, and contemplate the things we want to say to people before we die.  The passing of Blitzkrieg has done just that, so I want to let some of you know that I respect you even if we don’t talk much.  Some of these names are people you would have no clue why I respect them… but given the interactions I have had and my personal interactions, I respect them in one form or another.

So, I would like to say thank you and give a nod of respect to the following people:

  • CryptKper
  • NyteAngel
  • SonarGuy
  • SonarGal
  • Tyrdr0p
  • ShadowDXS
  • Pilgrim/Sehnaoui
  • Xu0ut
  • wvubetasoldier/wvualphasoldier
  • Gecko
  • PashaPasta
  • g0dbert
  • Bluesould180
  • AnonymousDown
  • Chifmevious
  • Cephurs (a.k.a. Chephasaurus Rex / Cephalophagus)
  • mach
  • rjacksix
  • th3j35t3r
  • Asherah
  • Bitchiest
  • Loki
  • Sam Bowne
  • 1231507051321 (0112358132134)
  • XaviorPenguin
  • Firewall
  • Helper
  • Robbo
  • Filez
  • Uglytruckling
  • Nitallica
  • Critter
  • Mulder (Rest in Peace)
  • Rockstar (Rest in Peace)
  • Blitzkrieg (Rest in Peace)

And anyone else I can’t think of right now.  You have all either impressed me, entertained me, or taught me something.

Thank you.


Kalypto • May 29, 2016

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