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The Government “Shutdown” and You

Several stories from top news organizations are running stories making it look like systems are not working because of the federal budget not being approved and the “shutdown.” This is not true.

The computers that run all of the public services being impacted are run on a variety of VPS systems (mainly Amazon GovCloud). These systems are up and running. They did not stop working because a budget didn’t get passed and they did not stop working because people weren’t there to run them. These systems stopped working because politicians are using you as ammunition in political agendas.

These systems, such as E-Verify, food inspection systems, and IRS computers, are automated and in fact have disaster recovery/high availability configurations in place to make sure they don’t go down. The systems are still up. Nightly batch jobs are still running. All the computers are online. The use of these systems has been disabled though.

Why? Because they want you pissed. They want your life to be harder and inconvenienced. They want you to “need” the budget passed so you can do your jobs and you can continue using the services they provide. By making things harder they are forcing anger and resentment. It is a political agenda that is dangerous and abusive to the American citizens.

Remember… computers have no agenda… people do.


Kalypto • January 9, 2019

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