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TRAFFICCAM – Watching the world…

Note:  The following is all hypothetical and in no way is a representation of what is currently in use, was in use in the past, or will be in use in the future.

Imagine you have a video camera.  Imagine that camera is not only a single point of view camera, but can actually take a clip of the three dimensional world.  Now imagine that the camera can take a video clip of the entire world in 3D.  Sounds insane, right?

What if you had a camera that could do the same thing to internet traffic.  Not just normal fiber and copper based land lines, but satellite, and radio frequencies as well (short wave).  Not as far fetched right?  Still sounds a bit out there, but not so crazy.

If you had limitless access to data, limitless access to funds, and the best technology invented (because you help invent it), what do you think you could do?  Imagine a world where someone has the ability to specify a timespan.  They can then stop, rewind, fast forward, and play that traffic back in real time.  What would that allow you to do?

As I said, this is all hypothetical, so…

What if someone had the ability to watch data being gathered on a target in real time?  They could make the decision on whether or not to save that target (that target being a person, company, or information).  They could place a value on that target and decide if that target is worth saving or if it would even help that person if the target were eliminated.

What if that person had the ability to rewind traffic and see exactly what happened and when.  See when someone started attacking a government network, trace that information back to the source, and then actually watch the attack vector.  That person could not only stop attacks and see attacks happening, but collect attack vectors for their own offensive maneuvers.

What if this person had the ability to watch traffic between two nodes on one part of a network, and see a timed correlation with traffic timing on another set of nodes?  They could even watch as that traffic ultimately reached a state-owned network and breached it.  Even through TOR, I2P, or other layered encryption technologies, it would be possible to connect the dots… all the way to the target, or all the way back to the source.

Now, let us take a step back a moment. 

What kind of hardware do you think a person would need for such an undertaking?  Specialized hardware that is so advanced they would never be able to handle it (cost, power, etc.)?

What if it could be done with standard top-of-the-line computer hardware that is being developed regularly?  What if the data throughput could be achieved with one single fiber pipe the diameter of a city bus and a server farm only as large as a college campus?


One more question…

Now, what would happen if someone decided to piss off the person with this ability?


Kalypto • October 20, 2015

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