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Update on Buffalo Wild Wings

Note: Just in case they get an attitude, the image above is satirical and in no way represents the views, ideas, or promotion of my blog by the Buffalo Wild Wings company. 

Well… someone else will have to let me know if they ever fix the security hole in their wifi/kiosks.  Buffalo Wild Wings officially lost me as a customer.  I tried going back after all the B.S. happened with them last time, but they messed up again… and this time lied to my face.

As I stated in this blog post, I had some jacked up stuff happen while visiting the Surprise, AZ Buffalo Wild Wings on October 6th.  I found a security hole in their kiosks that gives an attacker enough info to break into their payment gateway.  I also had the precious experience of having to get my food to go after they brought the wrong thing three times.

After all that happened, I got to speak with one of their new general managers (Chris).  He did a good job of insuring they are working on things.  He submitted the security issue to the tech team, and asked me to come in the store and talk to him in person.  Granted, $20 off a meal is probably the very least they could do given the hole I found… I still appreciated it and tried to be a patron again.

I went one time between then and now… my food and my wife’s food was messed up, but only because they switched the burgers and the sides… no biggie.  I figured things were looking better for them.

Then tonight I went back in.

I order my burgers with no toppings most of the time because I have an allergy to onion.  Not a “swell up to the size of a blimp and choke to death” allergy, but one that makes me vomit pretty good.  So, as usual, I ordered my burger with no onion.

Fifteen minutes later, the food was ready and they brought it out.  Having experienced the issues previously, I checked the food.  All the toppings were on it… especially a big ol’ slab of onion.  I showed the cashier what happened.  We were both polite; no issues.  She apologized for the mix-up and said she would go have them make me another one.

She came back out from the back and said “They are making you a new one right now since they had another order for one that was about to be made.”  I thanked her and waited.  A few minutes later, she brings out the exact same box I had before, with the same burger.  I could tell it was the same because the guy making it had dirty hands and had got barbecue sauce fingerprints on it.  I opened the box and saw that most of the stuff had been scraped off, but there were still chunks of stuff from the toppings on it (including onion).

So, not only have they literally NEVER got an order right with me… they lied to me about making a new one.

Lucky for me, I don’t have a deathly allergy… just a “I’m gonna spew” allergy.  If that happens to people with deathly allergies there… they are toast.

So, long story long… they have not learned and have not changed.  Adios.


On a side note… Why do hourly workers that have a set schedule cut corners?  You are there for the same number of hours no matter what.  Why not do things right?


Kalypto • January 20, 2016

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