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Vulnerability Found: Alienware Arena

This vulnerability post originated from my old site and last updated on June 5th, 2013.  I have done some slight updates now that I am moving it over to my new site. Let me start this post with a note: I like and appreciate Alienware’s solid products. I have owned a couple Alienware laptops for years.  They have survived falling off a…

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Vulnerability Found: Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Even though it has been more than 18 months since I reported this issue, the company is working with limited funds and technological constraints that prevent them from resolving this particular issue.  In order to prevent theft, they are now manually approving all orders before final billing and shipping. Anyone that is running an online…

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Vulnerability Found: Smith & Wesson

This is an older vulnerability I am posting for the sake of getting all my old content moved over to the new site. While browsing Gun Broker, I noticed several Smith and Wesson ads embedded in the page. After looking at the URL, I noticed the it looked like a normal PHP URL with GET…

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Vulnerability Found: [REMOVED] Engineering

The information I release for this vulnerability will be limited since the issue has not been patched.  I contacted [REMOVED] Engineering a little over a month ago and was told that they will be resolving the issue.  As of today (November 1st, 2014) the site appears to still be vulnerable. This vulnerability leaks information about employees…

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Vulnerability Found: IntravNews

This find was unique in that the result of me reporting the vulnerability to the owner, was in fact the owner taking the site down all together.  It has been a little over a month and the site is still down.  The site sold some pretty old software, so I am not sure if they…

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Vulnerability Found: Radixx International

The information I release for this vulnerability will be limited since the issue has not been patched.  I contacted Radixx twice over a month ago requesting someone get in touch with me so I can discuss the vulnerability with them, but they have not responded so far. Vulnerability Type: Unsecured Access Implications:  Unauthorized access to…

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