Research, demonstrations, and popcorn

Five Things I Want to See in 2015

Well, we spun around the sun once again and are back where we started.  It is now 2015.  I am excited to see what this year will bring.  There are many changes in information security coming and many issues we will need to address this year.  Here are a list of InfoSec related things I…

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A Safe and Merry Christmas

While I may not be Christian, I still celebrate Christmas.  It’s a time to spend with family and reflect on what your life means to you and to those that care about you.  It’s a time to think about who you want to be and what you need to do to become that person. Family…

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My Seven Rules for Life

Do Not Wait. Waiting is what you do when you are passing time to get to something more substantial.  Life IS the substance.  Waiting for something else is simply wasting the time you have on Earth.  This is the time you will remember and the time you will judge your life on.  Spending your entire…

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