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I never thought I would need to reactivate this identity, but it appears I have more work to do.

Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft’s Chromium based Edge Browser

If you are like 90% of people in IT or hackers in general, you probably prefer the dark mode on applications simply because it is easier on the eyes. Good news… you can enable dark mode in Microsoft’s new Chromium based Edge browser by completing the following steps: If you have a shortcut to Edge…

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What I hope to see in 2019 for Information Security

2019 is upon us. We survived that mess of a year we called 2018. I think of it like a test. We managed to pass and are still here. There were a lot of security breaches in 2018 because of some very simple mistakes made by rather large organizations. From backup databases left in the…

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Stephen Hawking, the future, and women

Stephen Hawking passed away today at the age of 76.  Many thought it would come much earlier in his life.  Many thought it would never happen because he was a super genius from another dimension (sarcasm).  Regardless, the world lost one of the most brilliant and beautiful minds ever known to the planet Earth. Stephen…

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Gutting Net Neutrality is an attempt to control information

What is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality is a simple concept.  At it’s very basic meaning, it is an order that all internet traffic must be treated equal without regard to source, destination, or monetary compensation.  This means that the traffic from The Washington Post and The Intercept must be treated the same as traffic from…

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SQL 2016 + Dynamic Data Masking = Exposure

Starting with SQL 2016, Microsoft has included a new “security” feature called Dynamic Data Masking, or DDM for short.  This new feature is supposed to allow you to secure data by masking it to people who should not have access.  For example, if you are a DBA and you have a database with PCI (Credit…

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MongoDB Ransomware Explosion

Recently I posted an article on LinkedIn about MongoDB security… well, it turns out that this has exploded into a big issue.  Over the last two weeks malicious hackers have been going crazy with extortion schemes.  Hackers are connecting to unsecured MongoDB instances, encrypting the data and then demanding payment before they will release the…

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Help Save a Veteran’s Life

This week we lost another brave soul who stood up for his country.  Justin was a man that served his country with honor and always had the backs of his friends and family.  Unfortunately, the demons won.  Justin left behind a wife and daughter and I am sick of this happening.  There is more we can do. …

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Five Things I Want to See in 2015

Well, we spun around the sun once again and are back where we started.  It is now 2015.  I am excited to see what this year will bring.  There are many changes in information security coming and many issues we will need to address this year.  Here are a list of InfoSec related things I…

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A Safe and Merry Christmas

While I may not be Christian, I still celebrate Christmas.  It’s a time to spend with family and reflect on what your life means to you and to those that care about you.  It’s a time to think about who you want to be and what you need to do to become that person. Family…

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