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How to enable Authentication on your MongoDB instance

This is a quick post on enabling authentication on your MongoDB instance, but the first thing you should do is bring the MongoDB inside your network if possible.  If it is not exposed externally, there is a far lower chance of intrusion. The second thing is to create an administrator account that will be used for…

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MRIT – MongoDB Ransom Investigation Tool released on GitHub

I have written a simple multithreaded application used to Shodan exports for open MongoDB instances and report on ransom demands.  This tool is on GitHub and is released for free use.  The only caveat is that you may not modify it to cause harm. I will keep the list of known ransom demand schemas updated as I…

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After doing some research into MongoDB for the company I currently work for, I started looking around at some servers online.  What I found was amazing.  Database servers almost never need to be exposed on the perimeter of a network, but there are thousands upon thousands out there exposed.  I have seen excuses ranging from “We have our…

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Do your MongoDB admins know what they are doing?

Note:  This was originally posted to LinkedIn, but I have moved it over here to go along with the update I posted about the explosion of malicious ransom demands. MongoDB by default does not have very good security configured out of the box. Unfortunately, the technology is new enough and different enough that people tend…

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MongoDB Ransomware Explosion

Recently I posted an article on LinkedIn about MongoDB security… well, it turns out that this has exploded into a big issue.  Over the last two weeks malicious hackers have been going crazy with extortion schemes.  Hackers are connecting to unsecured MongoDB instances, encrypting the data and then demanding payment before they will release the…

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